Ovide (Malathion Topical) dosage, maximum doses

How should you use Malathion Topical? Describes the Ovide dosage, how to take, doses, treatment and Malathion Topical Ovide maximum dose.

Use malathion exactly as directed by your doctor, or follow the directions that accompany the package. If you do not understand these directions, ask your pharmacist, nurse, or doctor to explain them to you.

Close the eyes tightly while applying malathion. Apply enough malathion lotion to dry hair to thoroughly wet the hair and scalp. Pay particular attention to the back of the head and neck when applying the lotion. Allow the hair to dry naturally and keep it uncovered. Shampoo the hair after 8 to 12 hours, again paying attention to the back of the head and neck while shampooing. Rinse the hair and use a fine-toothed (nit) comb to remove dead lice eggs. If live lice are still present after 7 to 9 days, repeat this process with a second application of malathion.

Malathion lotion is flammable. Do not expose the lotion or wet hair to open flames or electric heat sources including hair dryers, curling irons, and electric curlers. Do not smoke while applying the lotion or while the hair is wet. Warn children to stay away from open flames, lighted cigarettes, and electric heat sources while the hair is wet.

Slight stinging may occur with the use of malathion. If excessive skin irritation occurs, wash the scalp and hair immediately. If the irritation clears, reapply malathion. If the irritation reoccurs, talk to your doctor.

To prevent reinfection, wash all clothing, hats, bed clothes, bed linens, hair brushes, and combs in hot water with a strong cleanser. Also, other family members may require treatment.

Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, flush the eye immediately with water.

Use malathion on scalp hair only.

Do not take this medication by mouth.

Store malathion at room temperature. Malathion is flammable. Keep it away from open flame and heat sources.

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